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One Love is an art space founded with the aim of bringing together a collective of artists, each developing their skills and style freely and lovingly in their own field. As an organisation, we strive for high quality, honesty – primarily for ourselves and therefore for our client as well – and creativity.

It all began in 2012 in the National Technical University of Athens’ student halls by Binas and Deathpop. They had just finished working at another studio and, armed with valuable knowledge gained mainly by Cido, they had already began discovering the first steps of the challenging art of tattoo. Binas created an online environment on a website, providing information about their goals, aims and their work, while Deathpop wouldn’t leave pen, paper and the tattoo machine down for a second. Such hard work transformed our dreams into reality, with our first appearance as One Love in the summer of 2012 on the island of Ios in Greece, at the Far Out Beach Club with an audience mainly comprised of open-minded Australians. At such an exciting time, Far Out’s manager provided us with tremendous help and support for which we are sincerely grateful.

After plenty of hard work, our space in Melissia, Athens opened its doors in March 2013,  spreading smiles, colour and inspiration! In our colourful space one can get imaginative and quality custom tattoos or piercings, borrow books from our library, buy prints and canvases or clothes and accessories from our Luv ‘n Roll collection, which is our clothing brand, or even place an order for an illustration to fit an entire wall! Getting a tattoo from us is an intricate process, which begins with discussion between the client and the manager, so as to determine what the client truly needs, and how we plan to offer it to them. However, when there is a definitive disparity between what we believe we should offer the client as a tattoo and what the client wants, we reserve the right to not perform the tattoo, in order to not compromise our high standards of design, technique, and placement.

The same rules – in a slightly crazier tune – apply to our beach-sided studio in Ios Island. “One Love Tattoo Ios” is located in the enormous FAR-OUT Beach Club in Mylopotas Beach. The view from our studio is the calm ocean in the morning, and an island-famous party in the afternoon. Our main clientele consists of tourists visiting the island from all over the world, thus giving us the opportunity to spread our art throughout the world. Some of the countries in which you’ll find people tattooed by One Love are Australia, Sweden, Finland, Norway, USA, England, Mexico, Canada, France, Russia, Iceland, New Zealand, Belgium, The Netherlands, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Israel, Egypt, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Italy, South Africa and Brazil. Moreover, our Luv ’n Roll Clothing summer collection is also available at our studio, where operating hours are all day from May to September. One Love Tattoo Ios is definitely the combination of an unforgettable life experience on a truly unique island. Ink it up!

The team is made up of 2 professional tattoo artists, 4 apprentices, 1 professional body piercer, as well as our art director who offers valuable help regarding graphics, printing and screen-printing. Finally, we have the manager, who combines and organises all the different elements of the studio so as to maintain an effective, yet creative, organisation. From time to time, our company gets precious help and tips by cooperating with professional photographers and creative studios.

All of the One Love Tattoo studios uphold every legal hygienic standard, using sterilised materials which are one-use only. The environment that we provide in our tattoo studios in Athens and Ios Island is welcoming, cozy, and friendly, thus ensuring a tattoo experience with timeless value for the customer as well as for the artist.

Both studios are individually unique, with all art custom created by our team.

In Golden Ratio we trust.