Phoenix Tattoo by Cido

Phoenix Tattoo by Cido !

  It was a cold Tuesday when we received a phone call from Corfu.From the voice we understood it’s about a serious guy that wants a really big piece from us.He asked for a phoenix in japanese style even though it’s not our primary style but Cido is always looking for new “troubles”.
After scheduling the appointments through telephone the day has come.Stefanos ( the collector) seemed a really nice guy with clear mind and determination.He’s already had a koi fish made in Japan so we were sure that he is a man with consciousness. Cido had prepared a general artwork for him so he could understand what the artist had on mind. We ended up proposing a full colour phoenix with some lotus as fillers .
In such a big tattoo , freehand is always better in order for the design to “hug” the body and become one !The first session was 8 hours.5 hours lining and 3 hours for the final design and stencil positioning on the body. Cido made  the phoenix in a position that the head is looking at the belly button ,since it’s a symbol for rebirth. That was a touch that Stefanos really liked .
The second session was about black spots and shadows.It was about 4 hours but painful with hard spots like kneecap.The third ,fourth and fifth session were all about packing colours!!Finally the sixth session was made just to refresh some blacks and the work was done !!
After 6 sessions and approximately 35 hours ,Cido and Stefanos as all the studio were extra happy for the result !!
Big thanks to our collector and friend and huge respect for our Master Cido who proved himself once again as an amazing tattoo artist,ready to blow people’s minds !!
We wish for more customers-collectors like him.
Trust the Artist-Have a great tattoo.

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