” Never stop dreaming,but let the fear surpass you and Feel the air of change.”
  While Spring/Summer Collection is on the making , we fell in luv with an amazing Vintage style Hostel , right in the center of Athens. Quinta Hostel is a cute renovated old House with perfect mood and space for open minded people travelling across Europe.
  George Mpenioudakis , the photographer, found this place and recommended it for our photo shoot along PCP clothing, another fresh company in Greece.We felt really confident from the beginning and we were sure that some amazing photos will take place there.
   We chose Naya Miliou,actress-dancer , as our main character and Rafaela Vitolo,student, for some adding shots.Everything was ready and waiting for Wednesday ,3 of February 2016.
  We arrived at Quinta around 12:00 pm and the photo shoot lasted 5 hours.We literally used every space possible and if we could,we would spend another day there.Amazing furniture, interior design ,great music and extra friendly people made the whole experience so amazing for us.
   In this album we chose to feature our “Long Fit” along with our Luvnroll Socks, some items of our Winter Collection 2016 and of course some of the amazing leggings of PCP clothing. We tried to show you girls some cool outfits and make you understand that simplicity is the key to a happy life.Beauty comes from the inside and you don’t need a lot to feel comfortable.
  We really hope you like the photos and get ready for some more !Finally we want to thank George Mpenioudakis,the girls,PCP,Quinta hostel and the sun of Athens!
Take a look in our photo album in FB.
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